St Andrews Angels of New York is hosting a 

Virtual Technology Pitch Event

with STC.UNM

The St Andrews Angels of New York  will be hosting a virtual pitch event with University of New Mexico STC. The event will showcase the wealth of technology and start-up opportunities coming out of the university of New Mexico.


Monday, August 27th

5pm EST

The Lobo Rainforest is home to STC, the Cecchi Venture Lab, the UNM Innovation Academy, UNM’s entrepreneurial program, General Atomics, and the Air Force Research Lab tech engagement office and Sandia National Labs tech engagement office. Everything is co-located on the ground floor so you have more opportunities to meet and work with other inventors, mentors, business advisors, and experienced entrepreneurs from programs such as Innovate New Mexico. Floors 2-6 features downtown apartment living for UNM Students. Other incubators with more programs and events are within walking distance of the Lobo Rainforest Building, including Fat Pipe ABQ, ABQid, the Verge Fund, and CNM STEMulus Center’s IGNITE and FUSE makerspace.

Albuquerque was named the 4th best city for STEM Workers.

Join us to learn why New Mexico is ideal place for starting a new company and explore technologies from UNM – New Mexico’s tier-one research university.


St Andrews Angels of New York is a network of seasoned entreprenuers, business leaders, and alumni of the University of St Andrews.

Donations are welcomed and will be collected at the event by the St Andrews Angels of New York. Alternatively, please visit our Donation Page.


If you have any quesions about the event, please contact Isabella Fantini (


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