Individuals in our network will typically make investments ranging from $200,000 to $2,000,000 and provide advisory to startup companies. Advisory may include:

~ Deal Championing

~ Pitch Consultation and Feedback

~ Fundraising Advice

~ Business Strategy Review

Our network is designed to bring the necessary expertise and capital in contact with great startups. We connect people and companies in our network through events and other networkingopportunities

If you are a founder, please review our process outlined below and get in touch at


We screen and present our angel investors and advisers with innovative start-ups across a variety of industries.


Submit summary or pitch deck at 


A selection of companies will be invited to network and/or pitch at our events.


Successful candidates will receive funding and ongoing mentorship from interested individuals in our network.


While each investment is unique, we typically evaluate investments according to the following criteria.


We look for passionate teams with a track record of expertise and leadership.


Our focus is on solutions addressing a major problem for a large target market.


Funds must be used to complete product development or to accelerate the achievement of key milestones.


You should be poised to grow quickly and manage the scale necessary to succeed.


Your company must have a key proprietary feature that distinguishes you from your competitors.


A clearly articulated exit strategy is essential to provide a clear path for returns to our members.